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1. Given name: Erin
2. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake (age): 20
3. Date that you regularly blow them out (birthday): March 26
6. Relationship Status (Single? Married? Dating?): Involved
7. Height: 5'4"
11. Ethnic Descent: Irish, Scottish, and there are so many on my mom's side it's freakin' crazy
15. Are you in school/working? if so, where?: I want a job like I want money and that's pretty bad. I am in school, but where I am going to school, where I have went to school, and where I am planning on going to school is just messed up!
19. Pets (include animal type and breed): Belle is a girly dog that looks much like Benji. She is a Mutt.

23. Favourite Films (list a minimum of 3): The Manchrian Candiate (the old school on with Frank Sinatra), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Empire Records
24. Favourite T.V shows (list 3): Smallville, News Radio, Quantum Leap, and Clarissa Explains It All
25. Favourite Drinks (list 3): Water, Cherry Phosphate, and Ruby Red Squirt
28. Favourite Books (include authors): Fractored fairy tale kind of books and psychology and philosophy kind of book too. Orson Scott Card, Gregory Maguire, Leo Buscaglia
29. Favourite Musical Artists (list 3): Azure Ray (Maria Taylor), Ben Lee, Modest Mouse (These are the ones I've seen the most recently)
34. What stresses you out? (ie. deadlines, parents): Stupid College, People Drama, and Living at home
36. Name your means of transportation (ie. Public, Parents, Personal Vehicle): Roxanne... my hot silver 99 ford taurus station wagon or my own 2 feet!
50. List 3 of your favourite shops: Vintage Vinyl, Torrid, Old Navy (I like their jeans)
51. What determines your purchases (popularity? quality? price? all of the above?): price, need, and how me the item being purchased truly is.
73. Girls; if you unexpectedly got pregnant, what would you do? (ie. abortion, adoption, parenthood).. Would you decision be based upon whats best for the baby .. or yourself? I wouldn't be able to have an abortion. Now I don't know if I would give it up for adoption of not as of now. I would also want the father to have some say in the kids life. I would like to adopt so I don't think giving the child up for adoption would be bad.
Guys; If you're girlfriend got pregnant, how would your react? (Happy but Scared? Supportive? Or would you leave her to raise the child by herself?)
74. Future Daughters' Name/Sons' Name: Oh I have ideas... Girl name: Jacqueline Rose and Aurora Gwedolyn Eve Boy names: I would like to have family names and biblical names rock my world
75. Are you pro-choice? if so/not, why? OH touchy touchy subject. I think women should have the right to abort until a certain point during the pregnancy. If the unborn child could at the point of abortion live for any amount of time indepent of the mother's womb I would have huge problems with anyone having it aborted. The choice is ultimately that of the person and they have to live with the cosequences of any actions they take.
76. Are you homophobic (anti-gay)? Nope. As for the the issue of gay marriage. Homosexuals should be able to have a civil union just as heterosexual couples do, but I do not believe any church should be forced to recognize any marriage homosexual or heterosexual.
81. Who knows you better, your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend? Don't have a boy friend but quite a lot of people know me pretty well... my mom knows me best.
82. What has been your longest friendship/relationship? (in terms of mos/years) hmmmm... I don't know if you are speaking in the nonromantic sense if that is the case 8 years ish and romantically about 8 months

85. Ideal career?: Radio Broadcasting, Musician Songwriter Rock goddess, or Promoter and Manager of a record label or band
86. Ideal Place of Residancy? (ie. A cottage in the woods, an appartment in the city): Somewhere with mountains relatively close to a city. I would like my own house, but I could live in a loft or studio apartment.
87. Want kids? how many?: 4... will settle for 2 I don't know it's all flexible... but I want the married with kids thing eventually.
88. What are you doing now in order to obtain these goals? I'm living my life as it comes to me. I am going to college and taking piano lessons. I want to be on the radio next semester so bad!
92. Any collections? Tons... Snoopy, Buttons, stickers, CDs, and postcards
95. MSN/AIM/YAHOO/ICQ NAME: AIM: godslittlespunk
96. Main source of news (paper, T.V, radio)?: Radio, internet, paper, word of mouth, magazines
97. Do you keep up with current events? (beyond who Britney Spears is dating): Depending on the event... from time to time
98. What causes do you advocate? (ie. P.E.T.A, Greenpeace, Woman's Rights, Gay Rights): I'm pretty environmentally friendly. I like equality between the sexs. You should vote! I'm pretty sure about how I stand on some issues and not on others because I don't feel I have enough information to make up my mind. I hate the man and corporate america. Grrr....
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